Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finding new music

Okay, the Grammys are one of my favorite nights. No, I don't care about the awards, I love the performances--sometimes you only get one or two amazing ones, but it is worth it for the new artists I find.  I'll never forget seeing Adele for the first time. . .

By the end of the night, I downloaded her entire album, 19. I like all the music awards because of the performances--there was nothing redeeming about the VMAs, except for Adele's moment.

Here is this year's (How much do I want to be one of her backup singers???):

I will never forget hearing Empire State of Mind or being a proud Mama when Mumford and Sons performed last year because I had been listening to them for a while--and it had to be a dream come true to play with Dylan. I've found many, many other bands whose albums have had an impact in different places of my life.

My favorite from last year was the tribute to Amy Winehouse, in particular Bruno Mars' portion. Love the shot of Adele singing along.

He was actually one of my favorites from this year, too. He seems like he would be an amazing show--very throwback to an older type of music, but still fresh.

The band I found this year?  The Civil Wars. Their intro to Taylor Swift sold me--tongue in cheek they implied that all the groups before were their opening acts (including a "very promising young man from Liverpool"--Paul McCartney). I cannot find it on youtube or it would be up. I ended up downloading the entire CD, and I love the whole thing--they sing in that key that makes you feel it deep in your soul. . .

As a side note, I was shocked to love a Miley Cyrus performance (of a Bob Dylan song) recently. . . I know, I hate to admit it, too.

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