Thursday, February 9, 2012

A New Open Mic

This past Wednesday, I checked out the Depot in Hillsborough. It was a cute little bar and store similar to Foster's Market--only not as high end. It was fun--Maple View Ice Cream and local hot dogs with funky toppings like blue cheese slaw and apple mustard. A few poets, a lot of guitarists, an electric violinist.

It was really an off-the-cuff open mic. When JK (the guitarist) got there, we decided the songs we would do. The Countess DeWinters very nicely filmed the first two of the three songs.  And the electric violinist stepped in with us for fun. We called it the St. set.

St. Louis Blues. . .  This one is just fun to sing. When I started, it felt like the whole room took a deep breath--not quite a gasp, but close. At that moment, I knew that it was going to be a good night.

St. James Infirmary--you can tell, I needed more water by this one--and that I hadn't practiced it in a while. Also, I kind of let the ending go. . . sad.  Oh well--it is fun because in the middle of the song on stage we made decisions about things, which made it an event in and of itself. Realize that all of this is improvised by the two instrumentalists. . . and myself, a little.

St. Ormy Weather - still needs work. It was our first time performing this one.  I got a few calls for encores (which was awesome!). Multiple people came up to hug me afterwards, and they asked me to come back--as a regular. We'll see.

I think the best was having a night out with the Countess.

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Julie said...

It's so nice to hear your voice! Sometimes when I'm driving, I sing "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone" and think of you. ;-)

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