Friday, February 17, 2012

Romance to a young T

A hint that I would love Downton Abbey all these years later should have been one of my favorite paintings in high school called The Singing Butler:

Fancy dress, a butler, dancing. . . It felt like what romance was to me--dancing with someone to the ends of the earth.  Another painting in this grouping is called Dance me to the end of love.

I love the Civil War's cover of Leonard Cohen's song by the same name. 

Doesn't it make you want to tango on a beach somewhere with someone you cannot live without? Tango like the ones the regular people dance in the streets in Evita (at 3:09ish--not necessarily So You Think You Can Dance tango--though if Pasha wanted to tango with me, I wouldn't say no).  

Or the tangos below. 

I may have to watch that movie again soon (and yes, that is Syndey's sister from Alias as the young ingenue). Maybe next on my list of fun things to do is tango lessons.  And then I can find this. . . 

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